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Several types of tournaments exist at Bridge Base

bulletAny tournament with "Pairs" in the title requires you to find a person to play with. Go to the tournament by clicking on the name of the tournament then press "Partnership Desk" to register OR pick a name from list, click on the name, then click "Invite."
bulletAny tournament with "Individual" in title does NOT require a partner. To register click on name of the tournament then click "Registration."
bulletIMP scoring is a comparative method of scoring used in team style bridge. The net difference in scores at the two tables is converted to International Match Points (IMPs) using the table found at the bottom of Team Match score cards. 
bulletExample: N/S scores 4D for 130, E/W at the other table goes down one, vulnerable in 3H for -100. The net difference is 30 points (130-100). This converts to 1 IMP. 
bulletA significant premium is placed on making games and an even greater one on making slams.  A game 'swing' (one side makes game the other makes part score) is typically on the order of 8 or 9 IMPs non vulnerable, 11 to 13 IMPs vulnerable.
bulletMP scoring is head to head scoring across a field of duplicate tables.  N/S scores are compared to the results of the other N/S pairs in the field.  E/W are compared to E/W scores.  A pair gets one point for each pair whose score is lower, and a half point for each pair whose score is equal, no points for scores which are higher. 
bulletExample: a pair scores 450 in 4S, making 5,  the other 12 pairs in the field all score 420, making 4.  This pair would score 1 point for each of the 12 pairs for a score of 12, or 'top on the board'. The other 12 pairs score 5 1/2 points, 1/2 point for each of the other 11 pairs, 0 points for the 12 pair (whose score was higher).  
bulletObviously, the premium here is on maximizing the score as by making overtricks.
bulletIn Swiss movement tournaments you play based on your ranking in the tournament. For example pair 1 plays pair 2.
bulletIn Survivor tournaments, starting at the end of round 2, some percentage of tables will be excused. This percentage is set by the director but who is cut from the tournament is determined by the program.
bulletTotal Points
bulletTwo types of Total Points tournaments exist:
bulletAutomatic seating
bulletAutomatic seating tournaments occur in the BBO Tournament area. You access the BBO Tournaments area from the Main Lobby.
bulletManual seating Total Points tournaments occur in the Total Points Tournament Club in the Public Clubs area. You access the Public Clubs from the Main Bridge Club.

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