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BridgeBase Online Tournament Directors Coalition Meeting

February 14, 2004  11:00 EST

Moderator: Gweny

Directors In Attendance

13Tricks, Ace10, And_Y, Ariakas, Baddi, Bambi1, Bebas, Blackbikin, Borko, Callmesara, Cappuccino, Cg, Culbbaran, Dusiolek, Ege123, Emelnl, Etherwiz, Ferrerro, Frosty, Georgul, Gerardo, Granguru, Helium, Jw_Nl, Kardo, Kumi, Lolopuffin, Luckylucas, Maximo64, MCSD, Memti, Mirekf, Mireld, Mirjam_3, Miss Blue, Mr1303, Niuge, Obruno, Olmet, Omerjo, Peefco, Pozeracz, Puredragon, Sbrown2562, Sceptic, Showle, Skamandar, Spwdo, Sternguita, Sundiszno, Sylvaindt, Teddex, Unfussycor, Wangchung, Wojela

Call to Order

The Moderator called the meeting to order at 11:10 ET. Gwen reminded all of the meeting protocol (to use "!" to make comments, "?" to ask questions, and use GA (go ahead) when done) and that the Moderator would call on those wanting to speak in the order they had indicated their desire to have the floor. Several put forth the suggestion that it was a good idea to read the Minutes of the previous meeting before attending so that the same topics are not rehashed. Some TD’s wondered why we meet in the private club rather than a chat room – the reason being that a record of the meeting is taken via a chat log and this feature is not yet available in a chat room.


Once all shared well wishes for St. Valentine’s Day, the meeting opened with a discussion of Scheduling. TD’s were reminded to refer where the complete tournament schedule is located before adding events to the calendar. With the enthusiastic participation by active TD’s, there have been some scheduling conflicts. Spwdo pointed out that running events in the same time space causes problems both with attendance and with subs. Gweny asked TD’s to please use common sense when scheduling tournaments because we are all competing for players and subs.

It was suggested that it would be a good idea to add to Club News blackboards a place for players to access the schedule link. (A link does exist from the TOURNAMENTS page by accessing the Upcoming Tournaments button). Mirjam_3 asked that all times be shown in both EST and GMT if possible.

Granguru brought up the fact that the current schedule does not provide the ending time of any tournament which somewhat complicates adding new tournaments to the schedule. Gweny reminded everyone that the schedule is being upgraded to show a description of each event – much like you see on the tournament list when you click on an individual tournament – and that this would be available in a few days. <Is available now :-) > Enough information will be provided to allow you to calculate the approximate duration of each tournament. Blackbikin suggested it is also easy to ask the TD what time their tournament will end, and mr1303 pointed out that this is sometimes difficult to calculate for unclocked events.

Mentoring new TD’s

The next order of business was the topic of Mentoring new TD’s. It was suggested that new TD’s should spend some pre-requisite amount of time as a Co-Director before being allowed to Direct tournaments on their own. It was pointed out that new TD’s sometimes sign up to Co-Direct without having gone thru the TD101 material and without anyone to show them the ropes. Lolo asked if the purpose of a Mentor was for those who are unable/unwilling to read directions in using the site, and if we were looking or volunteers. Gwen asked for experienced TD’s who are willing to serve as mentors to notify her via Email. She would also like to list the names of the Mentor candidates on TD101.

Culbbaran suggested that there should be Mentors with a variety of language skills in order to address the needs of new TD’s from different countries. Spwdo suggested that scheduling training might help since questions and requests for help don’t always occur when the Mentor is available. Many concurred, and Gwen suggested that she would look into scheduling a training tournament. Kumi asked if there were a way to list TD’s who are experienced so that even TD’s who have modest experience can have access to a mentor if there is a problem and no yellows available to help. It was reiterated that – without training – new TD’s can get themselves into something they can’t handle, and that training/mentoring new TD’s is better for everyone. Gweny indicated that she would post a forum topic asking opinions on how much training a TD needs prior to running tournaments.

Adjustments Clinic

The upcoming Adjustments Clinic was next on the agenda. Gwen indicated that the training material has been completed and that scheduling the clinic would be dependent on the Lead TD’s availability.

General TD issues

Gwen then opened the floor for General TD issues . Emelnl wondered if Uday might consider adding a "request for Co-Directors" button. Lolo suggested that it was just as easy to ask in the lobby chat, and Gwen added that making ‘in person’ requests is a good opportunity to network with our fellow TD’s. Spwdo mentioned that TD’s should make use of the Forums where many of their concerns are addressed and where they can add ideas and questions. Frosty pointed out that there was already a Forum topic for TD Wish Lists posted and that everyone should add their ideas.

Miss Blue wondered if anyone else had encountered the problem of Director calls not being divided well between all the Co-Directors at a tournament. Baddi brought up the ongoing problem of repeated Director calls from same players or same table – this was followed by suggestions that

  1. The Director call button be disabled at a table once it has been used and until the Director comes, and

  2. The rest of the table be informed when one of the players at the table has issued a call.

There was some discussion of bidding inquiries and how to answer an inquiry about a non-alerted bid. Lolo pointed out that only partnership agreements had to be reported; otherwise the response should be "no partnership agreement". MCSD reminded all that when considering alert questions, we should take into account the fact that many partnerships at BBO are temporary and haven’t really had an opportunity to develop partnership agreements. We were reminded that inquiries and replies should always be done in private chat or thru the bid box.

Problems with players generated a bit of discussion. Regarding psych bids, it was suggested that 1) only one psych bid be excused/allowed per tournament, 2) that the player be warned and 3) that notes be added to the player’s profile. TD’s were reminded to report intentional disconnects to The sharing of "enemy" information was discussed and TD’s were asked to make notes on a "misbehaving" player’s profile of infractions so that the next TD would have a point of reference. It was suggested that when a player is reported to, they should be told that this action has been taken and why. Often this or an Email to the player has proven to have a correcting effect on the offending player’s demeanor. Bambi1 pointed out that BBO is very supportive of the TD’s and is not tolerant of disruptive players. Frosty asked if anything were being done to restrict players from subbing in a tournament where they are blocked from playing.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:45 ET and all TD’s were invited to sign up for the TD-Individual tournament scheduled for later in the day.

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