When a player asks for you to make adjustment to result of previous round you need to use this section





look at board in question with

"Show Boards" function



Click on "Show the board history for a player" then click "Execute"


Now type in name of player needing adjustment and click "OK"

This brings up Player history window


Now click on board

you want to see and

click OK


This brings up BridgeVu window of Board


It initially shows you complete bidding sequence and then by clicking arrows at bottom of window you may replay hand

This allows you to see what adjustment

(if any) is appropriate.


Player asking for adjustment is only

FIRST STEP in process.


You MUST LOOK at board to ensure you make APPROPRIATE ADJUSTMENT


If you is not sure what to adjust then ask fellow co-directors or other person you feel is qualify to help you. You may need to add this person to director list IF they is not currently co-directing with you.
So now you determine what is correct contract you need to go back to Adjustment section and make adjustment   
All info you need is in BridgeVu

Enter Board number and Any player at table in boxes

For Result box you  MUST use this format:

Number, Type, Direction of declarer, and Result

So for 3nt by North making you enter:

3 n n =


Number, Type, Direction of declarer, Result

Make ALL Results box entries with NO SPACES



Contract Type

Direction of Declarer

Result Symbols

Numbers from 1-7


What you Enter

What you Enter


What you Enter

No Trump N or n N or S Making =
Spades S or s E or W Down  1 -1
Hearts H or h It do not matter if north is declarer and you enter "s" or if west is declarer and you enter "e" Over 1 +1
Diamonds D or d Double x
Clubs C or c Redouble xx

Special Case Adjustment: Average

Many situations arise where TD needs to make adjustment where adjusting contract is not appropriate. For example when boards is skip by program then program assigns A== to both pairs.

In general

A= is 50%

A+ is 60%

A- is 40%

Format is A(n/s)(e/w)

All Possible Combinations




A = =
A = -
A = +
A - -
A - =
A - +
A + =
A + -
A + +


6 spades down 1 by west 6sw-1
Average no penalty for N/S or E/W A==
2 clubs making by south redoubled 2csxx=
4 no trump by east with 1 overtrick doubled 4nex+1
Average with penalty for N/S A-=
3 diamonds redoubled by north down 2 3dnxx-2
1nt making by south 1nn=
Average with penalty for E/W and 60% for N/S A+-

If you see Error Messages

Check spelling of players name If it is complex name look for simplest name at table
Check to make sure board number is correct It do not let you adjust boards who is not play yet

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