Create Part B

Boards to play

bulletDefault is 8 - I like 10, you decide what you like

Minutes per board

bulletDefault is 8 min
bulletI prefer 7 but this is up to you
bulletWARNING 5 min per board is prescription for disaster

Entry fee

bulletNot applicable at this time

Boards per round

bulletAvoid 1 board per round in Individuals
bulletNumber of boards per round is directly relate to number of adjustments you maybe need to make

Minutes until start

bulletThis is time until start of tournament
bulletDefault is 30 minutes
bulletPlease CHECK schedule PRIOR to create tournaments so you do not start impromptu events minutes prior to schedule event

Maximum number of entries

bulletIf you leave this blank default is 120
bulletSo this is 30 tables for individual or 60 tables for pairs

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