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 Overview - Online Bridge Tournaments

What is a Total Points Tournament?
The Total Points tournament format is not a duplicate tournament nor any form of a Team Play tournament. Pairs are matched off and play a specific number of boards per round. The pair with the most total points after all boards are played wins the round and advances in the competition. The losing team is usually knocked out of the tournament (but not always.) Online Bridge Tournaments are entertainment - a form of online card games that rivals other Online Games.

History of Total Points Tournament Format
The Format was conceived several years ago at another site. The programmer was not a bridge player and wanted to offer tournaments for all the siteís card games. So he conceived of a format that applied to card games like bridge, black jack, poker etc - most points wins. To our collective surprise, a large group of us came to really enjoy the total points bridge tournament game format - both for the competition and as a social event. Its different - its fun - its friendly - its entertainment! The advantage of this type of bridge tournament is all levels of player can compete although competence is certainly an advantage. How do you spell entertainment? - Online Card Games

Think its all luck?
Well certainly there is some luck involved-but tell a poker player that his game is all luck and he will gladly relieve you of your money. Total Points tournament format requires strategic thinking. In a duplicate tournament you play to maximize the value of each hand. In this format you play to have more points than the other team at the end of the round. We enjoy it so much we wrote some rules, and with Bridge Base Onlineís permission and encouragement, offer our bridge tournaments to this terrific community.

The Bridge Tournaments are only possible because of the tireless efforts of the friendly volunteer hosts and assistants. The tournaments are free and all are welcome. Its friendly competition - a great way to meet new players. If you get to meet some new friends you are a winner and thatís really what our bridge club is all about. Online Games fun at our online games. For the best in Online Card Games visit

Directions to Total Points Tournaments Bridge Club

  1. Go to and download the free online bridge program
  2. Register a user name and password with Bridge Base Online
  3. Log on to Bridge Base Online and click on "Main Bridge Club"
  4. From the main bridge club click on "Public Clubs" then on Total Points Tournament Club to enter the area where the bridge tournaments occur

Online Bridge Tournaments at Bridge Base Online - Fun for all!

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