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Tournament Report
  • Directions:
    • Please select appropriate TD and AD(s) from pull down list

      • Use * for no AD

    • Select Number of tables, and date

    • Please record winners email addresses

    • Please enter 1 name per box.

    • Use "Comments" to add additional names, if needed.

    • When you Submit report, you go to Confirmation page of Bravepages server. Scroll to bottom to confirm submission or if you see errors click "cancel" to return to this page.

  • Download spreadsheet for tournaments

Dos Donts
Please do spell players names correctly
Please do INCLUDE numbers in names
No spaces in names please
Please turn off CAP LOCK

Tour Admin:


<----Add TD number to address  ie
     TD:   AD:  








  3 am 2 pm 3 pm 6 pm 9 pm 12 am   

Winners: Names Hi, This is NEW form - yes it looks same but its "guts" is different. Points is now AUTOMATICALLY update WHEN you type in your report. So


to spell names correctly.

Semi Finals:
Winners Email Addresses:
On file email addresses


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