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Special Events


Total Points Tournament Club offers a wide variety of Special Event tournaments each Sunday at 2pm est. Please check for entry requirements prior to registration.

Click on link for additional information and to register. You may preregister in advance of a Special event you qualify for.

1st Sunday of month

  • Big Speedball Special Event
    • Big Speedball is very fast pace event open to all BBO players with 20 minute rounds (maximum of 4 boards.) You need a partner for this event,  tournament ADs happy to help you find a partner.

2nd Sunday of month

  • Monthly Invitational Winners Tournament
    • Monthly Invitational Winners tournament requires you and you partner win a TOTAL POINTS TOURNAMENT CLUB tournament in preceding month. Look for invitation when you log on to Bridge Base. Sorry but winning other tournaments BBO do not qualify a player for this event.

3rd Sunday of month - 2 events

  • Monthly Top 8 Invitational Round Robin Special Event
    • This Special Event by Invitation only. To receive invitation to this event you must earn points to place you in top 8 points earners for prior month (excluding Top 8 tournament points). Location of this Special Event TBA.
  • Big Totals Special Event
    • Big Totals is exciting tournament where team score for a match competes vs all scores of all other teams for a round. Top 50% of teams (base on scores) advance to next round. All BBO players eligible and you need a partner for this event.

4th Sunday of month 

  • Big Singles Special Event
    • Big Singles is a individual event where you test you basic bridge skills with other players. All BBO players eligible however no partnerships allow in this event - TD assign you a new partner in each round! Click here to register.

5th Sunday of month

  • Big Round Robin Special Event
    • Big Round Robin is partnership event open to all BBO players. All rounds you play 4 boards in 25 minutes.

Annual Special Events

  • Annual special event tournaments where champions of past months Special Events compete. Eligibility limit to past monthly winners.
    • Winners of Winners Tournament of Champions
    • Winners of Big Singles
    • Winners of Big Speedball
    • Winners of Big Totals
  • Bridge Olympics Special Event
    • November 22 & 23, 2003  This very special annual event require players to register and form teams who compete in several events. Stay tune for additional detail and start planning you team today! 
    • Gold, Silver and Bronze medal awards for each event, in addition to medals for overall individual and team medals.

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